Three weeks until the ANB Asia Pacs and I’m sure I should be writing all about my training and that I’m eating this many grams of chicken. I’ll get there, but that stuff really makes me cringe as you can just get a tailor plan written for YOU and YOUR goals (I’ll write about this soon no doubt…)

TODAY is Cupcake Day at work today! No doubt there are others out there that are enjoying pushing papers for some dollars and are surrounded by the normallities of working in a corporate environment. High stress, tiredness, headaches all seem to be the norm.  Here are a few general SURVIVAL TIPS regarding food for those office girls out there (or suited up gentlemen) – written by me on a whim to keep me entertained while the MasterChef like challenges are going on:

  1. Main events: If gatherings are a once a year event or there are birthday morning teas once a month– why hold back? Unless you have a major issue with food, be that intolerances, allergies, or can’t stop once you start, make you choice a good one. Also know you don’t have to try everything, but it’s up to you how much you eat
  2. Make your own dish: Least you know what in it. Just do not harp on how ‘organic’ or ‘gluten-free’ it is, like my coach Amelia Ricci ( wrote in one on her blogs for Christmas; just put it on the table and let people decide for themselves
  3. Come prepared: Bring in your own food, go to the gathering with food or a drink in hand already or eat just before – less tempting when the belly is full and your hands are occupied
  4. Lunch dates: Ask for the menu to be emailed to you and check what they have. Don’t be afraid to order how you like something (if actually needed) and there is always good protein, carb & vegetable choices. It’s just a matter of how they are prepared really and again, don’t make a massive deal about it. No one cares about your diet except you
  5. How many sugars do you do: Seven cups of coffee, with sugars and milk are probably not going to help that waistline. Liquid calories can kill your goals especially when there is an unlimited supply around the place. It’s probably also effecting other parts of you life like sleep especially if you are already having issues with getting a solid nights rest. See if you can replace a few coffees with just plain chilled water, add a squeeze of lemon if you have too. My favourite: Peppermint tea, sometimes sweetened with stevia
  6. Good Food, good mood: Recognise how good nutritious food is. Once you get your head around knowing why you do what you do, and there are so many reasons, you are less inclined to sabotage your efforts and these little things you are subject to eat day, including comments of others, questions or looks mean nothing in the whole scheme of things. Think of the people that have diabetes, are allergic: they medically can not have certain things and if they do, we have a situation on our hands. Don’t be that person that talks about their diet relating to personal choices, there are better things to focus your energy on like the job at hand or flicking rubber bands at your co workers
  7. Take ownership: Probably the main one and leading on from the last point – don’t blame a spoon for making you fat.

Now where’s my chicken…..

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