27 wks until my next bodybuilding show! 

In terms of my whole year, the show day and time on stage is really a few moments. 

I like to set a goal, know my reasons and get in a head space. Earlier rather than later is best. If you are serious anyway. 

For my first competition in September 2010, I didn’t just decide a few weeks before the show to do it. 

 I thought about competing in 2009
I met bodybuilders early 2010
I watched my first show and realised I needed to aim for the ‘model’ category. 

Being a model was not my goal. My goal was to be able to step on stage and get my butt in a bikini. I loved to train at the gym and wanted to see if I could do it. I was willing to give 100% and did. And I won! (To my surprise… I really just listened to my coach Amelia www.livingbeauty.com.au)

So I’ve enjoyed realising that comp preps -even if ‘a lifestyle’- by having the strict mentality, energy day in and day out, the constant feedback to a coach over two and abit years without a break (measurements, photos, weight, number, numbers, numbers) did get overwhelming after a while. I’m tough, but my human side came out when dealing with battling my own expectations. So I shifted gears and focused on my career, friends, finding the love. I am really proud of how settled I am again. Also excited about living the way I do for life. 

~ Change when I need to change and be happy at the end of each day. ~

June 10 2013 Gold Coast ANB Asia Pacific weekend!!! To me it’s not too far away. Broken down into weeks, I know people have been training for years for this event. The closer it gets the more the excitement will build. 

27weeks means – least less than 27 leg, chest, back sessions (I like to do these weekly at least). Only 27…. 25 if I take out two weeks of holidays – but Il still train no doubt. Gains!!! 

Prospective is a wonderful thing. ‘How bad do you want it?’ Is the question. I never think – ‘oh what’s 12wks out from 10 June’ —– I always think ‘what can I do today to make sure I’m my best year yet?’ 

Not striving for perfect, striving to be better. And I have this mindset for
– my relationships with friends, family, others
-my career- keeping the passion and purpose strong 
-my environment
-my finances
-my training
– my approaches 
-my life in general

Hope you can follow me as I keep you updated. I’ve done this competition on the Gold Coast in 2011 & 2012. Did better in 2012 than 2011 on paper but I was happier with 2011 more. So now I’m out to be better than ever. I feel like I’ve never competed before and I’m a kid in a candy story – or a bodybuilder at a BBQ- excited!!! 

Thou shall not sabotage or be the victim of lame excuses – let’s do it! 

Gemma Dawson
Blog writer for the Australian Natural Bodybuilding website
Featured Athlete/Competitive Fitness Model and Motivational Personality
Assistant Coach and Online Trainer through www.livingbeauty.com.au
‘Get HEALTHY and you NATURALLY get LEAN’ – Gemma Dawson