The joy of having my forum to connect with others!


My blog is BACK. Thank you to the ANB, and everyone working behind the scenes, for keeping it open for me.


Now why has there been a break? Many reasons. The main one being is that I gave up posting because of negative messages via social media and let it affect me (they didn’t know me personally and I was being a girl). You can’t be strong, resilient and positive all the time, and that’s ok. Changed my mindset to ‘HUG A HATER’ – made me smile  and they do probably need it. I also am old enough to know that not everyone will like you.


I also was in a period that I needed to get my priorities straight. With a new addition to my home, my puppy Chance, I really needed to find my flow so she can get my time and I can teach her how to be the best dog and we can enjoy life together. We are also going through a transition period in my work.


So I haven’t stopped my training, I still prep my meals, I feel amazing, I see or keep in touch with everyone that means so much to me and I’m looking forward to finishing 2012 happy and healthy. There was a part there that I was finding it difficult to get out of bed each morning. I found that these tips helped get me bouncing out of bed like I am now (my old self)


*Eat good food (protein, carbs, good fats) – get a tailored meal plain if you need to know where to start (email for plan details)


*Drink plenty of water


*Exercise by doing something you enjoy, challenges you, which scares/excites you at the same time


*Get to bed at a reasonable hour which allows you to get a good amount of sleep, I found turning my phone off and no laptop nears ‘zzz’ time helped


*Put 2 alarms on. One close to the bed, one far away


*Pack all your gym, work, food ready in the fridge, supplements/vitamins scooped – for the next day the night before


*Green drink – I went without one for a while and the week I went back on it, noticed my happy self return. Have a nasty green drink (don’t care if you say it tastes amazing, I still need to hold my noise or mix with other things) and a squeeze of lemon first thing before anything else really makes me feel amazing.


*Be accountable. Have someone/something that inspires you to move, get up and go! Random picture messages that make you smile or a person that comes to you and talks about goals. These things keep me going on says where my motivation is low.


*One coffee black


The above tips are nothing new, but hey, they helped me.


Fitness wise, I have the following events coming up to get excited over:


Friday 19 October 2012 (entered)

Westpac Stair Climb for Childhood Cancer Association (Running/Climbing)


Sunday 4 November 2012 (pending event details)

The Color Run (Running – EXCITED) – details coming!!


Sunday 11 November 2012 (holding with Amelia Ricci)

Living Beauty Method Workshop (Seminar) or email


December 2012  – February 2013 – summer loving

The fun never stops.

It’s been amazing to see the competitors over the last few weeks really shine. WAY too many to name each individually. One girl from Adelaide, Ange Belperio, 16, entered the Open Model division is SA in September and as she was the only competitor she qualified for Nationals. Now lots of people would think that as the only competitor, she always had first – given it just by stepping on stage. Having personally seen and talked to this girl she deserved the state title and I am so happy she went to Nationals to compete at a National level. Amazingly she placed TOP 3 at Nationals with 13 gorgeous competitors.


Blogs will be about MONTHLY! Stay tuned.



COMMENTS welcome xx



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