“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one’s who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.”

Competitions, bodybuilding, training, getting lean, losing weight, hitting PB’s– whatever it is you are striving for – overall the experience is one of learning and development. Like the qupte says – it’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

You do it because it challenges you and deep down you LOVE a challenge.

People sometimes tell me that I’m always positive, motivated, happy, have great energy – and YES, most the time I choose to live my life in a way that make me better and gives me the best opportunities.

Having said that, this does not mean I’m like that all the time, nor do I want to be. I am NOT on anti-depressants (or any drugs or medication for that matter) – so naturally I experience highs and lows that come with life and what it throws at me. In my case its normally what I throw at it cause of my damn initiative! The life of a opportunist.

We definitely learn way more when everything hits the fan.

I know that I choose to put myself through what I do – everything from my career goals, my relationships with others that bring out my best, my training and cannot thank my support network enough. These are the ones who normally I turn to chat when I’m having my moments. If you guys read this you know how feisty I can get or the look on my face when I’m fired up. Yep, that look!

My lowest point was honestly yesterday morning and I am truly thankful for my coach Amelia from Living Beauty (www.livingbeauty.com.au), and the others that I contacted and answered my call, or called me to check I was ok. I told my coach my superwoman outfit was getting dry cleaned. So even though I have my personal goals I know it’s very important to keep those close that mean the most and understand I can only do so much.

The moment didnt last for long (few minutes actually), I allowed it to happen. I had so many thoughts running through my head that I needed to chill out and get through it with my support. Even resetting my thoughts and expectations on how much I am willing to do this year, what can I achieve, and what needs to wait. I had a long chat to a friend, my sister and Amelia which is what I needed.

The breakthrough was probably been a few weeks in the making, compounded by the following:

  • It’s Winter 🙂
  • Competing in a National Competition and setting my next goal – I placed TOP 5 in the Asia Pacific Open Model, competed in 2 catergories,  2 photoshoots and 1 seminar
  • Going on leave from work for a few days, coming back and stepping up – my job needs high energy, attention to detail  and we are dealing with  people’s lives so need to be on ball
  • Applying for a promotion when I got back because after eight years I’m ready to take on a new challenge, I was a top 3 contender for the role, and opportunities will come from it
  • Stepping up and managing my team this week in work, plus doing my own work
  • Researching my further education
  • Thinking of my future instead of just my daily tasks
  • Attending appointments/meetings
  • Maintaining my home, cleaning, prepping, paying my bills – HOMEOWNER DUTIES.
  • Being an assistant coach to clients of Living Beauty www.livingbeauty.com.au – they all inspire me so much!
  • Responding to offers from businesses of how I can help them
  •  Setting up my charity page for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and promoting this through work and social networking www.everydayhero.com.au/gemmadawson  – I have received $800 this week in donations for the foundations
  •  Making time to catch up with people that make me smile. Coffee and movie dates with trackies. Yes, please!

To do what you want to do, and keep developing to achieve your goals you need to TRAIN your mind harder than you train in the gym and be the REAL you.

My goal in training at the moment is to get leaner. This takes CONSISTENCY and PAITENCE. I have found I am getting better as I go along. The body is smart and so your mind needs to be smarter! You need to adapt to changes and continue to strive to learn. Understand what is happening to your body and mind with what you are throwing at it.

If you start off on a goal and your goal is to lose weight (I like to call this fat loss… not weight loss), then you can see changes with training and a cleaner food plan pretty quickly, you start to see positive changes, your motivation is high and you keep it up. You are motivated by RESULTS!

You can get away with being relaxed and pick it up the next day and will continue to drop fat. This is amazing that you have started to take control of your life! You become more functional, improved your self esteem and you are more social because of it – these are all positive things.

However what happens when we get to crunch time and the bigger challenges come in. Why do you always hear people say –‘what do I do to lose that last few kilos???’ The ‘diet’ industry and the marketing comes in and takes all of your money and you think you will find that SECRET that will get you there!

The SECRET is you will get there if you truly want it. Where MOTIVATION (a silly emotion) needs to switch to CONSISTENT COMMITMENT!

You do not do something because you necessarily ‘want’ to 100% of the time, do it because you need to, to achieve what you want to. Commitment in training when there is little or no motivation is like going to the party when you just want to be on the couch watching a movie, snuggled up and toasty. It’s like calling your Mum back because it’s best to, even if it’s not the perfect time for a chat. You just DO IT! Non negotiables.

Over time you get stronger in the mind and the body – showing you are human is not a bad thing. Just get it out, go through it and move on. You do not have to throw the day in; you can pick it up and start now. I’ve read that ‘it doesn’t matter how strong your body is, or how fit you think you are…if your mind is weak then sadly that is your limit…’

It’s definitely a step by step, day by day thing. You need to eat even if you feel puffy and bloated. You need to train SMARTER and not just HARDER if you want to be better. You need to keep doing all the things you would normally be doing. Be that waking up and going to work, setting and reaching goals in your career, being there for friends and keeping in touch with your family.

If you thinking of having a leaner, ripped, chiselled body all year round – get ready for the work. Get ready for the mental games. Be ready that you will ‘feel fat’ when in reality you look awesome! You need to dig deep to fire up and keep on going. The next day you may wake up feeling 100% better and BOOM off you go with a skip in your step.

I wrote a few years back about failing and, I do believe I have failed in anything as I have managed to get back up.

‘Like most I’ve also made mistakes. Failure is not easy, its one of the hardest thing to do. It forces us to believe in ourselves when others may not and keep on something without the promise of a reward. Failing can, make us feel foolish for even trying in the first place. Failure hurts, sometimes painfully so, but imagine if you never pushed yourself, never taken a risk, and ultimately, never accomplished anything. Although pursuing a goal doesn’t guarantee success, not pursuing a goal guarantees it will never happen. Change how you think about the disappointing moments and the world is yours!’

So when my superwoman attire gets pick up all fresh and clean, I know that I have made a breakthrough and I will be a better person/coach/colleague/sister/daughter because of it.

I’m so excited to keep going and will be taking it one day at a time…. LET’S DO IT!

Please feel free to leave comments, contact me, make suggestions, feedback (GOOD/BAD) – all welcome!


Gemma Dawson – gemmalivingbeauty@gmail.com

Blog writer for the Australian Natural Bodybuilding website

Featured Athlete/Competitive Fitness Model and Motivational Personality

Assistant Coach and Online Trainer through www.livingbeauty.com.au

‘Get HEALTHY and you NATURALLY get LEAN’ – Gemma Dawson